Increasing telecom control: Breaking down the BYOC model for enterprise deployments

Posted on October 28, 2020

This article is condensed and originally appeared in BetaNews.

The continued shift from traditional hardware systems to SaaS-based cloud offerings extends across departments, industries and organizations of all sizes. As developers and IT teams are tasked with overseeing the cloud migration strategy for their organization, there will be a continued spike in modern telecom services that provide developers control over how they deploy new capabilities across existing systems.

Shifting away from legacy carriers and embracing agile cloud-based communication service providers (CSPs) equips businesses with enhanced control over their telecom resources, as well as the flexibility to easily scale solutions up or down based on customer and market demands. In 2020, businesses’ resilience is being tested, as they are navigating changing operation requirements and the unknown economic future.

As the transition to cloud-based communication services continues, companies will also need to work with their CSPs to determine which configuration of cloud telecom best suits their organization. Three popular configurations include 1) Purpose-built Software Solutions, 2) Cloud-hosted PBX Technology and 3) The Be Your Own Carrier (BYOC) model. Each of these configurations rely on IP-based carriers to power and provide communication services; however, the level of involvement from the company varies and mirrors what the company can own.

Cloud Telecom Configurations

Let’s take a look at the three popular telecom configurations and how they compare to one another. For enterprises within a specific industry, it may make most sense to turn to a purpose-built software solution to meet their needs. In this set-up, the solution is pre-integrated into a workflow and communication becomes an embedded capability within a critical and valuable software solution.

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