Flowroute HyperNetwork

Incoming Call Delivery Guaranteed.

Flowroute offers HyperNetwork™, the only solution on the market that offers business continuity for DID numbers across the majority of the United States. Organizations that rely on mission-critical voice applications and must safeguard business continuity now have a solution to ensure incoming calls make it to their destination, even when problems arise.

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Unprecedented Resiliency

Things happen. Phone lines can fail, and audio call quality can degrade. But that doesn't mean your business-critical voice services have to fail with them. Call centers, healthcare providers and any organization that can't afford an outage or poor call quality can depend on Flowroute HyperNetwork to connect the call and guarantee excellent call quality. Our solution reduces risk with built-in failover and redundancy.


How HyperNetwork works:

Flowroute's exclusive, patented HyperNetwork technology ensures business continuity with the ability to dynamically change the routing of DID numbers, so calls arrive over a different path than the one originally assigned.


Why HyperNetwork?

We build resiliency for inbound DIDs.

Many providers offer failover and redundancy at the SIP trunk or WAN level for outbound calls. A carrier that owns and manages its toll-free numbers provides redundancy for inbound toll-free numbers. Neither solution solves inbound DID call problems that can impact business continuity.

Flowroute's HyperNetwork service is the only solution for building resiliency for your inbound DIDs. We provide business continuity for virtually all of your inbound numbers so you get peace of mind that your mission-critical voice applications are always up and running.


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