A vision of SIP trunking – Dan Nordale joins Flowroute as CMO

Posted on September 19, 2014

I am excited to join the outstanding management team at Flowroute transforming the world of business communications.

My career has been centered around helping organizations serve their customers and constituents precisely as they’ve designed, and the most consistent technological barrier to this effort has been, and unfortunately continues to be, the limitations of the communications networks across the world. Most organization realize that the effectiveness of internal communications and the quality of the experience delivered to customers are two of the most significant imperatives for a thriving business. Traditional telecom carriers are too expensive, too slow and their closed networks do not give enterprises control of their phone and messaging environments.

The journey to the vanishing point of more features, better quality, and cheaper service is one littered with naive marketers, but this is exactly the reality of open communications. Flowroute has removed this barrier and is enabling businesses to manage internal and external communications by leveraging the billions of dollars of existing high-performance telephony infrastructure, but with the addition of a rich and open data environment. It’s exciting to see Flowroute’s customers benefit from real-time access to important communications data, unparalleled voice quality through routing optimization across many carrier networks, the flexibility to scale capacity as needed, and a huge cost advantage over more traditional telecom carriers.

But what is more exciting is to see the innovative applications for SIP communications our customers are implementing. As we’ve opened communications with enhanced SIP data and a powerful API, we see companies easily identifying spoofed ANI to head off fraudsters before they even get a chance to socialize contact center agents and remove funds from customer accounts. We see application development companies easily integrating reminder notifications (including calls and SMS) into mobile apps used by thousands of physician groups across the US. We see enterprises using real-time, network-level call information to route calls, for example having customers calling from a particular state, or even city, handled by specific representatives.

But the most powerful application of open communications is that costs drop dramatically. Flowroute delivers carrier-grade communications at a fraction of the costs of traditional telecommunications networks.

We have just begun the journey to empower communications with the intelligence of both the enterprise and the carrier networks. Flowroute will continue to build out capabilities, enabling customers with even more control of delivery, facilitate proactive treatments when calls or messages are delivered and to maintain complete control over communications strategies and operations. Flowroute is following in the footsteps of the communications pioneers of Seattle to revolutionize enterprise communications, and I’m proud to be joining the team.

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