The Advantages of a 100% Cloud-based Carrier

Posted on April 3, 2021

At Flowroute, we’ve found success in taking a business approach that varies from traditional telecom carriers, but embraces the modern communication needs of enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs). Our unique perspective to the communications space is what drove us to become one of the first 100% cloud-based carriers in the telecom market.

However, many businesses may ask – what is the difference of a cloud-based carrier vs. a traditional telecom provider, and does that difference really impact me? These are fair questions that we’d like to take the time to address.

First off, in today’s fast-moving, technology-driven industry, we’ve all been bombarded by the messaging around the benefits of the cloud for any type of product. Enhanced agility, reduced costs, increased superior performance, improved employees’ work efficiency by freeing up workloads, the list goes on…We’ve all heard these benefits about the cloud but you may wonder – what does the cloud have to offer in the telecom space? To touch upon this, we’ve outlined below the significant advantages both your business, and your customers, can enjoy when you partner with a 100% cloud-based carrier.

  1. Secure, reliable connections at a fraction of the cost. One of the first benefits of a cloud-based carrier is it can provide higher quality, more reliable coverage to customers at a fraction of the cost. This means you can spend less time worrying about dropped calls, company network outages and daily disruptions to employee workflows, and instead put your focus more on innovating your core business offerings.
  1. Keep customers and partners connected without disruption. By migrating communications to the cloud, a carrier like Flowroute gives your company immutability, making it simple to easily add value to your customers by automating the management of your telecom solutions. This automation keeps you consistently connected with customers and partners, making historical telecom challenges like disruptions and outages a thing of the past. 
  1. Seamlessly scale up or down as your business evolves. By utilizing the numerous advantages of the cloud, you have the power to easily scale your communication resources up or down, in just a few clicks. The agility of a cloud-based carrier helps you to easily respond to changing market demands and make informed decisions that can proactively anticipate customers’ needs – which ultimately helps improves your company’s competitive edge. This is a stark contrast to the baggage that comes with traditional providers, where they often require customers to invest in physical infrastructure or added applications and any sort scaling up or down comes with barriers.
  1. Get in front of network problems before they occur. A carrier’s agile cloud model enables it to anticipate solutions to a problem before the problem even presents itself. In essence, businesses get access to a toolbox of resources that are really unique to a cloud-based carrier. For example, Flowroute helps customers anticipate and streamline network issues by providing our award-winning customer support team, who is always on call and ready to address questions from customers. Another benefit you get through Flowroute’s cloud model is our HyperNetwork, which combines the largest telecom and IP networks to create a single, optimal network that maximizes call quality and reliability. If a business experiences a network outage, we offer route setting and host failover. And if an outage occurs, a business will be automatically connected to another host before its obvious the network was out. This approach helps us ensure telephony is performing at its best. That way, you stay connected to customers and can avoid the costly consequences that come from network interruptions.
  1. Free up your IT team’s workload on time-consuming issues. Cloud-based carriers pride themselves on making tools simple and easy to use for customers. And when things are not so easy, customers often have access to accessible 24/7 customer support. The goal of this sort of support is so a business can free up the workload of its IT team and redirect their focus on more important tasks, instead of time-consuming troubleshooting. Time saved on maintenance and infrastructure management will help a business have more available resources to focus on innovation.

In summary, cloud-based communications services are really at the forefront of the telecom space, due to the numerous benefits. We hope that you consider elevating your communication services by partnering with a 100% cloud-based carrier. Flowroute has been helping companies create meaningful and real-time, communication experiences by leveraging all the advantages the cloud has to offer and helping pass those benefits down to customers.

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