Carrier-level Toll-fraud Security

Posted on May 29, 2015

Trying to protect your business from toll-fraud by yourself is a futile exercise. You can follow admin best practices with passwords and network security, but if your carrier isn’t fighting fraud by your side, your SIP trunking account is at risk of being compromised. In this Telecomreseller podcast, Flowroute CTO Jordan Levy explains the crucial protections carriers need to implement to shield customers from toll-fraud.
carrier level toll fraud security

SIP trunking carriers can prevent toll-fraud

Your carrier is an integral part of your complete security strategy, so it’s important that you understand the steps they take to protect your account from fraud attacks. In this 17 minute podcast Jordan outlines criteria for identifying a carrier that cares about your security and explains best practices such as why UDP only authentication is a risk and how it can be made more secure.

Toll-fraud is a $4,000,000,000 industry and should be taken seriously by every business with a phone connection. Working with a carrier that is serious about your voice security could be the smart decision that saves your company from fighting off a $600,000 phone bill.

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