Flowroute certifies with Voip-Sec

Posted on November 14, 2014

Flowroute is very pleased to announce our technical certification with VoipSec EasySBC, a low cost session border controller for small and medium sized businesses. Flowroute, the first pure SIP carrier providing high-performance communications services for business, validated the compatibility of VoipSec EasySBC technology for use by enterprises seeking additional network and communications security.


Flowroute and VoipSec are both pushing communications forward for the modern business by enabling open and secure voice communications. All too frequently, news stories are published highlighting organizations that have fallen victim to toll fraud following a breach of network security. Using Flowroute SIP carrier services and VoipSec EasySBC, business can keep fraudsters away from their communications while still leveraging the tremendous benefits of VoIP for voice, unified communications, and customer experience.

Founded with the mission to simplify the over complicated and costly SBC market, VoipSec produces a simple-to-use SBC that can be downloaded and deployed on a virtual server rapidly and without significant up-front expense. VoipSec EasySBC manages SIP traffic to and from trusted IP addresses while maintaining your SIP credentials securely outside of your PBX. “By partnering with VoipSec, Flowroute is offering their customers the ability to deploy secure VoIP at a lower cost and complexity than seen before in the SIP Trunking market. With this move, Flowroute further differentiates itself from its competitors in a market where not all providers participate in the security of their customers.” explained VoipSec CTO, Paul German.

VoipSec is addressing an important need in modern telephony,” said Flowroute’s Chief Technology Officer, Jordan Levy. “Organizations understand the risks associated with network vulnerabilities and they are actively seeking solutions to mitigate those risks. The low cost and easy implementation of EasySBC removes barriers that keep companies from higher levels of security or of fully leveraging the benefits of VoIP.”

About Flowroute:

Flowroute is the world’s first pure SIP telecommunications carrier. The high-performance communications services powered by Flowroute’s unique communications service platform deliver unparalleled call quality, availability, and cost efficiency. Flowroute gives businesses and developers granular control, and real-time management, of their communications. Flowroute supports users with an integrated team of developers, network operations and telecom engineers who remain engaged until customers achieve success. Flowroute is transforming telecommunications to adapt with the evolving needs of modern business.

Learn more at flowroute.com, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About VoIP-Sec:

VoipSec is the next generation provider of VoIP security in this growing market. Driven by a passion to make things simple, all VoipSec products have been designed to run in Virtualised environments, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive hardware and rapidly decreasing the time it takes to deploy VoIP security solutions.

VoipSec prides itself on its zero upfront cost pricing policy and transparent per channel per month pricing, another radical vision towards making VoIP Security simple.

Offering tailor made modular security features, VoipSec puts their customers first when it comes to choosing the security package that is right for them.

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