How MSPs/VARs can help companies take advantage of the benefits of cloud communications

Posted on January 6, 2020

As new technologies arise and continue to transform business operations, many companies are choosing to outsource their IT departments to leverage experts that can help the company take advantage of advancements without complexity.

Further, by outsourcing different areas of IT, decision makers can focus efforts on core services, while specialized IT pros identify and deliver offerings best fit for the company. The enterprise communication sector is following suit through the growing adoption of cloud-based telecom services. Outsourced IT teams can help companies evolve their communication offerings by integrating cloud-based tools that enable future innovation.

Though more companies are working with dedicated IT teams to move workflow and offerings to the cloud, cloud adoption in the U.S. is only at 18 percent market penetration. With such a large percentage of the market yet to embrace the benefits of cloud solutions, there is an opportunity to educate IT decision makers about the different ways to approach migration, such as leveraging the partnership and expertise of a managed service provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR).

Leveraging an MSP or VAR partner allows businesses to outsource all or a portion of their IT needs. VARs traditionally operate on a transactional basis with support revolving around set licenses or events such as migrations or implementations, whereas MSPs typically function on a longer-term contract or as the complete outsource of a company’s IT department.

In the telecom and unified communications space, MSPs and VARs can allow companies to embrace a hybrid or phased approach to cloud adoption by picking and choosing select telecom tools that align with the customers’ and industries’ communication preferences. These reseller service providers have established relationships with carriers (i.e. Flowroute and other technology players) to help enterprise customers obtain products, software and certifications at a reasonable price for their business.

Below are three ways enterprise decision makers can leverage reseller or channel service providers to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based communication services.

  • Guidance around entering and navigating the market. Discerning between the plethora of services available to companies can seem daunting. Service providers offer expert recommendations about what services the businesses should leverage, customized to its individual needs as well as those of its customers (i.e., type of API to leverage for messaging vs. video conferencing, etc.). They also offer support and management of the migration and porting process, which can save the business time and money.
  • Access to a network of partners. Channel providers can have multiple partnerships, offering businesses a variety of services or applications in one place, at a reduced rate. MSPs purchase tools on a larger scale because they often bundle a wide range of applications and programs for each of their clients. Buying tools in bulk is cheaper for the MSPs and therefore more cost effective for businesses who utilize their services as opposed to buying the tools directly. Additionally, access to an MSPs’ network of partners increases the capabilities or offerings a business can market to its customers.
  • Consistent delivery of best-of-breed features. Most managed IT providers have years of experience in their respective industries and can therefore anticipate trends and help businesses stay on the cutting edge. This provides IT leaders and their teams the ability to scale offerings quicker and more streamlined than before. MSPs and VARs also work with partner carriers to run maintenance and other updates, reducing the burden and cost of these services on the business. Other features include improved security, centralized control, access to phone numbers and increased visibility into customer interactions and communication preferences.

With the numerous benefits of managed IT services, it’s likely MSPs and VARs will only grow in popularity and market share, thereby increasing cloud market penetration. Businesses who partner with reputable channel providers will be able to move to the front of the pack and maintain an edge over competitors. Further, businesses can shed added costs and IT burdens, increase innovation, streamline operations and gain access to a pool of additional resources through third-party relationships.

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