Innovate with Telecom: Flowroute API

Posted on November 12, 2015

Our purpose at Flowroute is to foster innovation with telecom, by providing simple and powerful access to calling and messaging services to empower new applications and services. We recently announced the availability of our beta API which offers the ability to manage phone numbers, inbound and outbound calling management and, soon, text messaging for your applications. This release is designed to give developers open API access to our calling and messaging capabilities, as well as provide tighter integration with your apps and services, in a near production form to enable development and testing.

What to expect with the beta version of the Flowroute API

Implementing our API allows you to manage routing functions including:

  • Setting inbound routes
  • Pulling lists of available routes
  • Setting where calls should be directed


The API also controls numbering functions such as:

  • Purchasing phone numbers
  • Pulling lists of available numbers (including data like initial cost, monthly cost, billing methods, rate centers and state)
  • Retrieving lists of telephone numbers currently owned


We have a definite product plan to increase functionality in our API by the end of the year, but please also don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback and/or feature requests.

Open access to telecom infrastructure

Our goal with this API is to make it easier for you to get direct access to carrier resources and to remove some of the pain of setting up your IP-PBX. If you are interested in integrating Flowroute’s API into your apps or services, you can find reference docs, example code, and our API explorer at our new developer portal.

Explore the developer portal now

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