Inside week one of Flowroute SIP trunking training

Posted on January 23, 2015

I didn’t expect to find change in my inbox that morning back in October, but from the moment I learned about the opportunity to join Flowroute’s technical support team as lead, I was excited. What had looked like a long week ahead flew by quickly as I discovered more about Flowroute’s approach. And now that I’m here, after my first week, I know that my expectations were just the tip of the iceberg. I thought I knew IP telephony, but my immersion into the depths of SIP and telephony I’ve received here has been eye-opening.

Flowroute SIP trunking training

The past 7 years of my professional life I worked as a support technician for multiple disciplines and technologies. I love the challenge of supporting innovative technologies, and what interested me most about Flowroute was the chance to focus my expertise on a specific technical discipline while drawing on my experience in different support environments to help plan team growth and facilitate process refinements.

When I interviewed at Flowroute, I was struck by how close knit the team was, and how they all were passionate to provide the best technical solution to their customers. I decided to join the team because everything I learned told me the company operates on evolving and innovative policies and procedures, and that they actually embrace change.

One week in, I can say that Flowroute is exactly what I expected. They have a fun, yet serious, culture you hear exists in tech startups. I knew, from my interviews, that Flowroute was an enthusiastic place, but I am impressed by the passion each team member has for our product and how committed they are to the success of our customers. And the excitement about the expanding Flowroute team and what that means for the company is contagious.

One week in, I’m half-way through the first round of my training and I am a little overwhelmed and a lot excited. Flowroute is a collaborative, supportive and at the same time challenging place to work. All members of the team contribute to the education of new engineers, which really speaks to the depth of knowledge here. I’ve found a home where I can continually expand my technical expertise, contribute to the success of our customers, and help guide the next batch of engineers we bring on.

Thanks for an amazing first week, Flowroute. Here’s to many more.

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