Is CNAM right for your business?

Posted on August 4, 2020

Caller ID is a widely used phone system feature that identifies an incoming caller by a phone number. The feature provides a valuable piece of information and it’s often one of the first identifiers businesses present to a potential customer, partner, or affiliate. Inaccurate or missing caller ID information can preclude people from answering calls, which can directly impact business performance.

Taking Caller ID one step further is CNAM.

What is CNAM?

CNAM (or Caller ID Name) is a telecom service that phone companies use to pair incoming numbers with names. CNAM data allows phones to display the caller’s name, in addition to the caller’s phone number.

CNAM and Caller ID are often used interchangeably, however, CNAM specifically refers to a 15-character string housed in one of the authoritative databases within the CNAM network. While Caller ID is sometimes used to describe CNAM, it is also a broader term that encompasses non-traditional name values associated with a telephone number. These values are oftentimes derived from public data, social media, marketing data, telephone contact lists, and other sources.

How Does CMAN Work?

CNAM data is collected and propagated by the carrier who owns the telephone number and their authoritative repository. Each carrier has different policies regarding CNAM. Some carriers automatically opt-in their subscribers, while others require their subscribers to opt-in.

In order for CNAM to be successful, telephone carriers populate one of several authoritative databases with subscriber data. These databases are known as CNAM repositories. There are many services that offer name data for phone numbers, but CNAM specifically refers to data retrieved from these official carrier-supplied sources. Unlike phone numbers, CNAMs are not centralized databases. A carrier can choose from different CNAMs – each maintaining its own private database on phone number/name pairs in the U.S. and internationally.

How Can Businesses Use CNAM to Improve Operations and Enhance User Experience?

CNAM is more than just caller identification – it’s visual branding. When you register your business with specific CNAM data, customers will know more about your company before they even pick up the phone.

As customers become increasingly wary of robocalls and fraudsters, many people will not answer a call if they don’t recognize the number or name on the other end. By utilizing CNAM, businesses can automatically instill trust between them and those they’re calling and increase call answer rates.

CNAM can be a valuable tool for sales and customer retention. Partnering with a provider that offers CNAM will allow you to find quality data, ensure interoperability, improve reporting, guarantee delivery and customize offerings for better analysis.

Flowroute allows for easy enablement of CNAM on all your Flowroute DIDs. Our Caller-ID name storage is a free service that allows you to associate a 15-character name with any Flowroute phone number on your account. It’s a proven fact: calls that display a name, as well as a number, receive significantly higher answer rates. Once you harness the power of CNAM, you will be on your way to improved call answer rates and customer experiences.


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