Moving Enterprise Comms to the Cloud? Why Some Organizations are Considering Hybrid Development

Posted on September 30, 2019

While many enterprises are already leveraging fully cloud-based communication offerings, others are moving at a different pace and embracing a hybrid approach to cloud-based telecom deployment.

A hybrid deployment approach, as Ryan Daily of No Jitter defines, “combines elements of cloud and traditional on-prem systems.” This approach to transitioning to cloud-based solutions gives enterprises the flexibility to move at their own pace gradually deploying cloud-based systems.

Hybrid deployment is not a new concept; however, as enterprise leaders reap positive results from early cloud-based communication adoption, we predict a growing wave of global cloud deployments with organizations considering a tiered, hybrid approach as well as those that transition fully to cloud-based offerings straight away.

As with any infrastructure decision, it is important to consider a variety of offerings and to understand the benefits and risks before selecting any particular solution. The same rationale applies when considering which telecom offerings to move to the cloud. For example, a hybrid approach offers some additional flexibility over on-premise solutions, but it can also create confusion among internal and external audiences if the process or platform of existing offering is unclear for employees, partners or customers.

With this in mind, below are a few resources we have created to guide enterprise and IT leaders as they investigate their journey to the cloud.

After assessing customers’ and partners’ needs, weighing deployment options and evaluating service providers’ offerings, IT leaders will be poised to make a strategic decision and maximize the benefits from moving communication services to the cloud. We are actively working with enterprises large and small to help them achieve the benefits and secure value from cloud communication solutions.

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