Podcast: Flowroute helps with navigating the common pain points of cloud migration

Posted on August 20, 2020

For the link to the podcast recording, please visit Telecom Reseller

“We can turn it into minutes of downtime,” says Evan Griffiths, Business Development Manager at Flowroute.

In this podcast, Evan outlines how Flowroute’s patented technology can take an event such as a fiber cut or rate center outage, which might result in 24 to 48 hours of downtime, into a virtual blip, instead of a day or two of trauma.

Evan also discusses the need to have cloud-based communications tools to help businesses maintain operations during unforeseen disruptions. We hear how businesses/Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can utilize cloud-based services to evolve their operations and communication efforts to ultimately gain more control over their own IT and communication applications. We also get a glimpse about what the landscape might look like as we move beyond migration to new challenges.

Link to the recording of the podcast available on Telecom Reseller


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