Removing Complexities of Migrating Telecom to the Cloud

Posted on November 6, 2019

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The perceived complexity around migrating services to the cloud is halting many businesses’ automation efforts, with more than 98 percent of businesses still running on-premise servers. Cloud-based telecom solutions, for example, offer a host of benefits to businesses and their customers; however, years of operation under legacy carriers and expensive infrastructure have made some businesses hesitant to migrate their communication offerings to the cloud.

In order to mitigate worries and ensure “business as usual” for customer support and end users, organizations need to approach cloud migration with a game plan and thoughtful approach.

Below are three tips that will help organizations simplify the process of migrating their communication services to the cloud.

  • Define objectives and outline strategy. Migrating to the cloud takes planning and preparation. Having a plan in place provides business leaders with oversight and helps the company stay on track during transition. IT leaders should work with their cloud-based communication service provider to develop a migration strategy that helps achieve overarching business objectives, as well as address customer needs.

The plan should address the overall migration process, which can be broken into four key areas:

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