Scaling Telecom APIs to Offer Messaging to Customers

Posted on August 28, 2020

CSPs often receive tens of thousands of port orders, which requires them to purchase phone numbers in bulk and then look up new rates for those phone numbers. This time-consuming process simply isn’t scalable without automation through APIs.

Telecom APIs automate CSPs’ existing processes and their access to telephony resources. Through telecom APIs, CSPs can instantly purchase, port, provision and configure voice and messaging services with direct access to and control over high-quality telephony resources. This includes the ability to tailor customer support, scale networks and manage call volumes. Applications and services that used to take weeks to be processed through a traditional telco carrier can now be completed instantly through scalable APIs.

In partnership with software-centric carriers that are delivering these API-based offerings, CSPs can drive consumption of their core services, while also helping business customers differentiate offerings and grow their customer base.

Many players in the CPaaS industry, for example, rely on APIs to deliver their product functionality. For enterprises, this means a significantly faster rollout of customer-centric features without the costs of extensive in-house development. For example, a ride-share or food-delivery app can partner with a CPaaS player to introduce API-driven number masking to ensure security of customer and worker data.

Flowroute’s SMS and MMS capabilities can easily be integrated into applications via an API to create seamless customer experiences that deliver intelligent, personalized text interactions.

Carrier-grade messaging services provide:

  • Toll-free and long code messaging, which allows CSPs and their customers to use SMS communications with an identifiable and dedicated phone number.
  • Ability to provision numbers on the fly makes it easy to create text-enabled long code or toll-free phone numbers through the Flowroute API or manage portal.
  • Immediate access to SMS records and delivery receipts facilities easy troubleshooting to mitigate errors and maximize SMS deliverability.

For CSPs, APIs are the gateway to providing reliable, flexible and scalable voice and messaging solutions for customers. Utilizing APIs now will help to distinguish competitive advantage in the long run and will, in turn, provide business customers with advanced capabilities and a lasting positive impact that can be directly tied to both revenue growth and end-customer satisfaction rates.

For CSPs who want to offer applications or services that incorporate text messaging, Flowroute’s Messaging API provides programmatic control to build intelligent SMS and MMS interactions into apps and services. With the Flowroute Messaging API, developers can enable SMS and MMS-based customer interactions using new or existing numbers, receive detailed usage records, customize routing, provision in real time and gain access to our SDK library. With Flowroute, you can unify your calling and messaging experience with one provider, one number and one API.


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