SIP Trunking Fraud Checklist

Posted on July 28, 2017

Here at Flowroute, we believe that you can never place too much of an emphasis on fraud prevention. Even for experts, an annual check in to ensure your fraud controls are still aligned with your traffic patterns is imperative to protect your account from the fraudsters roaming the web looking for easy targets. Take a quick look at our Expert Fraud Checklist to see if your provider offers these easy yet impactful protections.


  • Maximum Default Rate for outbound calls.
    • A maximum outbound rate will block any call to a destination that exceeds this predefined outbound rate. Assess your traffic and determine the rate cap that you are comfortable setting. This rate can be updated as your traffic changes, but the more precise you are with determining your rate the more effective this tool is for catching fraudsters before they can wreak havoc on your account.


  • Define the countries on your Destination Whitelist.
    • Defining countries on a Destination Whitelist allows you to choose countries that you will always be able to call regardless of the outbound rate. This tool can be adjusted as needed to meet the needs of your current traffic patterns.  
    • Another option is to use a Strict Destination Whitelist tool. When this is enabled on your account only countries on the strict whitelist can be called, regardless of the maximum outbound rate in place. When this tool is in place it will override any Maximum Default Rate settings.


  • Enable IP-based Authentication for Outbound Calls.
    • Static: Does your phone system have a static IP address? In that case, IP-based authentication for outbound call authorization is key to securing your account. By restricting access to telephony resources from internal IP addresses only people within your authorized network will be able to place calls or send messages.
    • Dynamic: Do you have mobile users logging in from a dynamic IP address? The right fraud solution for you might include utilizing a third party tool to create a blacklist of IP addresses that you have identified as a potential threat.  These tools can monitor log files and automatically block IP addresses that have failed a certain number of password attempts to create dynamic fraud protections for your account.


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