Strengthen customer loyalty with remote support

Posted on April 25, 2014

In the world of technology services, like providing real-time communications, your competition isn’t the biggest threat to your business. You are. Research house Informa Telecoms + Media says churn is on the rise. And churn is your fault. Luckily, remote tech support can help turn churn around.


Churn is not an easy leak to plug. Your customers are bombarded with competitive offers. Anyone can match functionality or beat a price. It’s the interactions between people and businesses that build relationships and cement loyalty. Getting those interactions wrong drives customers into the profit margins of the other guys. The good news is, getting customer experience right is a challenge a lot of businesses aren’t up to, and remote support is a cost effective way to make more of your customers’ experiences super fantastic.

The irony that frustrates a lot of telecom customers to the point of leaving is that as technology becomes simpler to use, it’s more difficult to fix. For the lay user, the complexity behind the GUI of modern devices makes them harder to troubleshoot. And people need their phones to work now, not as soon as they can get into your service location, or you’re able to schedule a tech visit.

By accessing troubled systems and devices over an Internet connection from a central location while on a support call with the customer, remote service support can provide instant satisfaction to customer issues. There are a number of ways remote support strengthens loyalty.

You’ll be a hero.

Remember the first time a support tech took control of your desktop? It felt like magic. You experienced surprise and delight. Fixing your customers’ issues from somewhere else gives you a little bit of that magic. It’s impressive. And even if your customers are totally savvy and it’s no big deal to them, they’ll feel more confident knowing they can count on you to login and fix their problems from anywhere, at any time.

You’ll be fast.

Remote support capabilities cut out travel time, and put your support team into diagnostic mode right away. By addressing concerns as soon as you hear about them, you’re showing customers how much you care because you’re accessible and responsive. No one likes to feel like they’re out in the dark.

You’ll be a wizard.

Solving services complaints remotely is less disruptive to the businesses you serve. Having a service tech onsite can be intrusive to a business. With remote service, it’s like you were never there, because you weren’t. And they won’t have to explain to their customers why there’s a service tech in the way of everything.

You’ll be efficient.

In addition to increasing the number of tickets you can address, remote support saves you time and money because there’s no travel time involved. That means you’re also more of an environmentally friendly company. And you’ve got savings you can pass on to your customers. Customers like that sort of thing.

You’ll show customers you’re thinking about them.

Your relationship with customers is just that, a relationship. And relationships take work. Remote support is a way to work smart at those relationships. How you treat your customers needs to be part of your business strategy. Because of its impact on loyalty, customer support is now more often considered a revenue generator instead of a cost center.

There are many services, like GoToAssist and TeamViewer, that you can integrate into your business to offer remote support. By providing more responsive support that doesn’t make matters worse by interfering and actually comes at a reduced cost, you’ll shine brighter in the eyes of your customers. So they’ll be less likely to even listen to those other offers bombarding them from all sides.

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