The Flowroute Numbers API Overview

Posted on April 23, 2020

The Flowroute Numbers API lets businesses automate purchasing and configuration of phone numbers in the cloud. Using the Flowroute Numbers API, you can acquire phone numbers, configure routes to dynamically route calls, automate E911 set up, and streamline CNAM management.

The Numbers API also lets you search for fixed, mobile and toll-free numbers available on Flowroute. Searches can be performed based on any combination of country code, number pattern, number type and region. Upon successful execution, the number will appear in your Flowroute account and be available for all the actions in the Numbers API.

The Flowroute Numbers API gives customers the ability to add voice services to software and applications and deliver carrier-grade communication experiences. Like the other Flowroute APIs, the Numbers API is organized around REST. Flowroute offers wrapper SDKs in various languages for the Number Management API services including Inbound Routes, E911 Addresses, and CNAM Storage.

The latest version of the Numbers API is Numbers v2. It allows you to perform all functions with rich JSON request and response objects, meaningful resource names, and standard HTTP Basic Auth which will lead to fast integration with your app.

Another functionality the Numbers API provides is it allows you to search for and purchase voice and text-enabled phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada. There are many specific endpoints that can be enabled to create the experience you need to deliver to your customers and users.

Acquire and manage phone numbers

  • One endpoint connects to a list of available area codes. It returns a list of all Numbering Plan Area (NPA) codes containing purchasable phone numbers.
  • Another endpoint lists available exchanges and returns a list of all Central Office (exchange) codes containing purchasable phone numbers.
  • You can also enable an endpoint that returns a list of tiers containing purchasable phone numbers.
  • There is also an endpoint that lets you search for purchasable phone numbers by state or rate center, or by your specified search value.
  • One endpoint returns a list of all phone numbers currently on your Flowroute account and another is used to purchase a phone number from available Flowroute inventory.
  • You can set an endpoint to return details on a specific phone number associated with your account, including the primary voice route, and failover voice route if previously configured.
  • And, you can also set an endpoint to allow you to update the Alias or CNAM Lookup parameters for your long code or toll-free phone number.

Set-up dynamic routing

Points of Presence (PoPs) are servers around the globe that customers connect to for traffic to their inbound routes. When setting up a route, the user picks the PoP closest to their geographical location. Flowroute currently has several PoPs around the U.S. with more coming online all the time. Additionally, we have deployed PoPs in other parts of the world. If a PoP is not specified for an inbound route, the default account-level PoP is used.

One endpoint returns a list of available PoPs to be used with inbound routes. You can then apply them from the list to your inbound routes via the Create an Inbound Route endpoint. From your inbound routes, you can select routes to use as the primary and failover routes for phone numbers on your account. This creates a new inbound route that can then be assigned as either a primary or a failover voice route for a phone number on your account.

Other endpoints let you add and remove routes as required.

Automate E911 setup

The Flowroute Numbers API lets you create, view, update and delete E911 records to provide geographic location information on your Flowroute phone numbers. You can set up endpoints to return a list of E911 addresses within the U.S. and Canada on your account, and then apply search filters using any of the available query parameters.

There is an endpoint that lets you create and validate an E911 address within the U.S. and Canada which can then be assigned to any of the long code numbers on your account, and one that lets you validate an E911 address whether it is a new or an existing address on your account.

Additionally, other endpoints return a list of your Flowroute long code phone numbers associated with a specified E911 record, let you deactivate the current E911 service for your long code phone number, and let you delete an E911 address associated with your account.

It should be noted that the Numbers API currently applies to only U.S./Canadian/toll-free numbers to support emergency services. The Numbers API will return an error when attempting to apply an E911 address to a number that does not support this feature.

Streamline CNAM management

The last area that the Flowroute Numbers API addresses is the automation of the creation of CNAMs, associate CNAMs to Flowroute numbers, and managing your account’s entire CNAM collection.

Endpoints allow the return of a list of all CNAM records on your account by default, and details pertaining to a specific CNAM record on your account, including long code numbers that are associated with the record.

Another endpoint lets you create a Caller ID record for your account which can then be assigned to any of your long code numbers.

It should be noted that CNAM records take up to 48 hours to be approved on your account, and further association with a phone number takes 5-7 business days.

Get started with the Numbers API here.

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