SIP trunking for Unified Communications

SIP trunking for Unified Communications

Your Unified Communications platform effectively assembles every endpoint in your enterprise under one umbrella. Conversations are simplified and collaboration is streamlined, but usage demands shift unpredictably. To fully realize the efficiency promised by UC, your voice connection must deliver flawless quality and reliability along with the ability to instantly scale traffic capacity.

We designed Flowroute to be a rock-solid bridge to the PSTN that gives you the tools to maximize UC functionality. Make the most of your investment with a voice service provider that delivers call stability and quality, combined with the system intelligence and flexibility to optimize your enterprise communications platform in real-time.

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Businesses use Flowroute’s service with these UC platforms and more:

“With Flowroute, all I have to worry about is my part.”
James, Director of Engineering

A trial worthy of your enterprise

Qualified organizations receive $25 credit to implement Flowroute in live or testing environments.

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The Flowroute advantage

Full adoption of Unified Communications starts with laying the right foundation for your platform. Telecom experts trust Flowroute to set them up for success with every communications rollout.

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Reliability and quality

End jitter. Forget delays. Cut out dropped calls. Our carrier platform adheres to telecom standards that ensure audio quality, and we streamline call transmission to bypass service disruptions.

Flexibility and control

You can be placing calls with Flowroute in less than two minutes. And when you need to update your account, there’s no wait. Instantly manage routes, numbers, and the features that keep your users and account balance safe, right on your account.


Consolidate multi-vendor environments under the open carrier you can count on to work with any endpoint. As communications continue to progress, our dynamic and adaptable phone service is ready to connect with advancing technology.

The Flowroute features UC needs

unlimited channel capacity dial

Unlimited channel capacity

Unlimited call channels in and out of your phone system makes your phone service instantly scalable to meet your capacity needs in the moment.

  • Receive and make every call
  • Add users and endpoints without expanding your service commitment
  • Eliminate overspending on trunks
  • Reduce infrastructure investment

toll fraud protection lock and shield

Toll-fraud controls

When all of your communications are linked, it becomes more important than ever to integrate security parameters into every aspect of your system. Flowroute provides account level tools you can use to build customized protection against toll-fraud.

Disable outbound SIP credentials
By authenticating outbound calls using a strict IP address whitelist, calls attempting to use your account from outside your static IPs will be blocked.

Maximum outbound rate
Setting a maximum outbound rate safeguards your account from attackers trying to send calls to high-cost destinations.

Destination whitelisting
If your organization is focused on very specific regions, you can build a list of allowable destinations that will block calls to anywhere else in the world.

intelligent SIP window

Intelligent SIP

The rich data delivered in Flowroute SIP packets empowers detailed routing and tracking in real-time so you can more tightly integrate voice communications into your business process.

Advanced SIP headers:

  • X-tag: Add custom labels to your CDRs for easier call identification and management.
  • P-Asserted-Identity: Customize Caller ID on outbound calls. Private and restricted caller IDs passed on inbound toll-free calls.
  • Diversion: Crucial in call routing and message delivery logic for voicemail systems.

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