Greenwire IT: Which phone service do phone guys use?

Posted on July 15, 2014

If you’re looking for phone service, who do you ask for recommendations? People who set up phone systems. So that’s exactly what we did.


Greenwire Technology Solutions helps businesses solve their IT and telecommunications needs through three lines of business: Managed Services and IT outsourcing, telecom installations, and telecom infrastructure consulting.

It’s difficult to build credibility as a telecom expert if your phones don’t work when clients call. Starting out, founder Paul Rausch needed to find an Internet phone service provider he could count on to solve his needs regarding reliability. Paul needed a responsive interface and reliable, knowledgeable support. In 2009, a recommendation on the Trixbox forums lead Paul to try Flowroute. He liked it immediately. “I could tell it was designed by people that really understand telecom.”

Recently he consolidated all of Greenwire’s numbers to become “a pure Flowroute shop.” A change that has drastically improved his office’s productivity. “It sounds great,” said Paul. “The guys in the office love it. I don’t think they realized how good broadband audio could sound.”

There are 3 reasons Paul relies exclusively on Flowroute for his office phone lines:

1 – Support

If an issue does arise, Paul knows it’ll be dealt with promptly. “Responses come back quick, and they’re competent. Flowroute is the only provider that has engineers who actually understand what’s going on. It seems like that’d be an obvious thing everyone would do, but it’s not.

2 – Account management

Paul needs responsive account management. Everything from accessing Call Detail Records, to adding new numbers, needs to be fast and easy. “Flowroute is the only provider with an interface that actually makes sense. It provides detailed information on interconnection. It provides detailed information on routing. It provides all the data I need to make decisions and quickly make changes.”

3 – Standards Compliance

Paul says it’s important for the service he uses to be able to interoperate with all related hardware and software. And that means staying true to SIP RFC. “Flowroute is the only provider I can rely on for my SIP registration to actually work. At the end of the day, I know Flowroute gets what’s important.”

When you’re looking for a new phone service, sales people will give you a mountain of information. Seek out experts who will give you an honest and open opinion to help sort through the mess and best answer your needs. For more expert opinions on Flowroute, check out these reviews.

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