How SIP trunking makes your business more adaptable

Posted on March 11, 2014

Your business is going to change. Your industry is going to shift. The way you operate will require adjustments. A search for efficiency will drive adaptations. The hunt for greater profitability is going to lead to restructuring, realigning priorities, and re-partnering. The world is changing too rapidly for stagnation to survive.


And that’s why SIP trunking helps you stay competitive.

SIP trunking is a flexible technology that isn’t dependent on hardware. Your provider exists outside of your system, and vice versa. And because it’s hardware agnostic, you can manage your SIP trunking in real-time to respond instantly to your changing needs.

SIP trunking scales with ease.

Whether you’re growing or streamlining costs, SIP trunking fits your business. In this post, Voxox says the #1 business benefit of SIP trunking is “Almost Infinite Scalability.” The Examiner explains, “If your business enjoys exponential growth, SIP trunking allows for the extra phones to be added without installing extra lines at great cost.”

When your organization relies on SIP trunking for your telecommunications, you have the power to add, subtract, and reorganize lines, extensions, routes, and numbers without costly reintegrations.

Equipment is provider agnostic.

It may sound self-defeating to say this, but because your hardware isn’t tied to your SIP trunking provider, you can wave goodbye to your carrier at the exact moment you’re shaking hands with a new one. Unless, of course, you’ve purchased or are leasing equipment with configurations locked to a single provider, then you’re about as flexible as the hull of the Titanic (too soon?).

In an article for Search Unified Communications, Matt Brunk talks about his firm moving to their third SIP provider to cut costs yet again. When you’re not locked into a contract, as you rarely are with SIP providers, and all your phones aren’t pre-provisioned and leased from your hosted VoIP provider, changing providers is almost literally as easy as flicking a switch.

SIP trunking does something revolutionary in the telecommunications industry, it puts you, the customer, in control. If your provider is no longer suited to your needs, not answering your service calls, dropping your calls, providing inaudible audio, missing features, or going out of business, get a new one. It’s that easy. No reordering hardware. No massive system overhaul (no frantic calls from your users about, “how the heck do I set up my voicemail again?!?!?”). Just type new SIP account credentials into your PBX, and it’s out with the old, in with the new.

You’re the boss.

SIP trunking is one more way you can stay in control of your business. The flexibility afforded allows you to be responsive, and that can have real, tangible benefits for your bottom line beyond cutting costs. So if you find a new provider that saves you more and delivers a better service, you can make the most of the opportunity without wasting any more time or money. Total control of your business means a penalty free eject button at your fingertips with any provider you deal with. Because the only best interests you should be interested in are yours.

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