Simpler and more transparent porting

Posted on September 15, 2016

Why these updates?

Flowroute has embarked on a journey to dramatically transform the number porting experience for our customers. We know that the porting process is integral to your customer onboarding experience and we are committed to giving you the most transparency and control possible. Our first updates were a high priority for our team as they allow us to further our commitment to adding transparency to our customers throughout the porting process by exposing all the notes of our work on your telephone numbers. You can now see everything we’ve exchanged with the losing carriers, with members of your team, and in many cases any exchanges we’ve had within Flowroute.

Flowroute’s numbering and porting team (NAP) team works tirelessly with customers like you to guide them through the porting process, but, until this week, much of this process was invisible to you. Significant communications between carriers, logistics, and planning all happened while customers waited for notification of success or rejection. We are excited to announce a few major changes we have made to provide more visibility into the porting process and a higher level of transparency to you.  

Bringing Transparency to the Porting Process

You will see two significant changes that will increase the level of visibility for your port orders.

1. Granular visibility of port order progress: You will not only receive email notifications of work done on your port orders, but you’ll also have the ability to view the status of the progress, details, and comments made by our porting team through the Flowroute Manage portal. If orders require additional work by you, that will be clear in both the port order status, the exposed comments and the accompanying documentation of the porting process. When you are in the midst of porting your customers’ numbers, it is important to know what all these port order stages and statuses mean.

2. Improved process documentation: Speaking of documentation, the numbering team has developed dramatically improved documentation to help you easily navigate the process and to answer any question you may have about the highly nuanced process of coordinating the exchange of numbers between thousands of service providers. We’ve also made it easier in the portal to see what stage your port order is in and zero in on the relevant portion of the process, describing potentially unfamiliar terms, typical wait times, and next steps. The new enhanced documentation is conveniently accessible in the Flowroute Support site.

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