A Day in the Life, Porting at Flowroute

Posted on April 7, 2020

Larry, Flowroute Number Porting Specialist

When Flowroute’s porting team begins each day, the first item on their to do list is to review tickets from customers. Tickets can share a variety of information or updates; however, one of the most common tickets notifies Flowroute that they need to act on a port order.

Next on the to do list is to activate the numbers that are pending “activation” on Flowroute’s network. The numbers are then integrated into a system and scheduled to activate at 8 a.m. each day. Once this is complete, the team monitors the remaining port orders to determine if any action is necessary. As number routing progresses, the Flowroute team reports updates in real time to customers.

Additional items on the dock each morning include monitoring toll free port orders and running numbers to provision for SMS. Depending on the customer’s past service provider, the team may need to manually submit port orders for provisioning.

Flowroute’s porting team is comprised of five professionals, four of whom perform day-to-day porting tasks. In 2019, the team completed a whopping 20,000 port orders, up approximately 20 percent from 2018, and almost double what the team completed in 2017. Managing such a high volume of orders requires agility and superior skills, both qualities Flowroute’s dedicated porting team holds.

In addition to highly technical expertise, the porting team provides quality customer support. The team utilizes a chat system called Intercom, where a customer can chat with a member of the team in real-time to secure answers to pressing questions and streamline their porting process. Common setbacks in the port order process, such as incorrect information submitted, can be easily avoided by way of this communication channel. Additionally, because of the porting team’s extensive expertise, they can port numbers quickly and efficiently. For example, when working with a customer to port a number, a porting expert will provide a quoted timeframe till implementation, maintaining constant contact throughout that period. On average, the team completes port orders from the U.S. and Canada in as few as 10 days.

As mentioned previously on our blog, it’s critical that customers work with their past service provider to share accurate information on their phone numbers in order to make the porting process as smooth and painless as possible. Crucial information to check for accuracy includes the number owner’s name and address, as well as all of the numbers the customer wishes to port within the order.

Porting numbers can be stressful for customers, given the sense of identity that a phone number can provide. Our staff consists of a dedicated team of professionals and is committed to ensuring customers receive personalized, professional service as they migrate their phone numbers or add new numbers to their business.

For a guide of how to port with Flowroute, check out our website.

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