Podcast: How cloud-based communications are powering remote collaboration

Posted on April 10, 2020

For the link to the podcast recording, please visit Telecom Reseller

Why should companies use cloud communications tools? How can cloud-based communication tools help businesses facilitate remote work and maintain operations as usual? How can businesses assimilate within the expanding remote business economy by embracing global cloud-based collaboration tools?

“We facilitate the ability to provision resources on the fly,” says Evan Griffiths, Business Development Manager at Flowroute. Griffiths outlines how cloud-based tools makes telephony management “a matter of clicks”. Kevin Mcmahon, Director of global marketing for enterprise collaboration, Intrado, notes that by taking cloud communications to the cloud, users spend less time on infrastructure and more time on higher IT and UC functions.  We learn about the value of collaboration and the way cloud enables collaboration, while we also hear for security and privacy issues can be mitigated. The podcast offers a case study of how these tools can come together. Mcmahon offers an overview of Intrado.

Link to the recording of the podcast is available on Telecom Reseller

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